Value Enhancement


Align the Personal, Personal Financial, and Business goals of the owner to craft a comprehensive plan.

Core Strategy:

Integrate these goals into a 21-step plan to maximize the value of the business, enabling the owner to exit on their terms.


Exit Planning isn't just an endgame strategy. It's a value-enhancing, ongoing business strategy.

The Outcome:

As business value increases, so does revenue. This is our primary focus whether your exit horizon is in 2 years or 20.

Ongoing servicing:

After the comprehensive business valuation report is conducted, we dive deep into these 21 steps, ensuring every facet of your business is primed for success, longevity, and maximum value upon exit.

Business Succession and Exit Plan

STAGE ONE: Identify Value STEP 1: Goals and Outcomes
STEP 2: Fact Find
STEP 3: Stage One Report – INSIGHTS
STAGE TWO: Protect Value STEP 4: Financial Planning
STEP 5: Unplanned Events
STEP 6: De-risking
STAGE THREE: Maximize Value STEP 7: Exit Options
STEP 8: Strategic Planning Business Model
STEP 9: Strategic Financials
STEP 10: Systems and Procedures
STEP 11: Marketing and Sales
STEP 12: Corporate Governance
STEP 13: Ownership Mindset
STEP 14: Peak Performance Trust
STEP 15: Management Succession
STAGE FOUR: Extract Value STEP 16: Tax Planning
STEP 17: Documentation
STEP 18: Liquid Event
STAGE FIVE: Manage Value STEP 19: Ongoing Investment Planning
STEP 20: Asset Protection
STEP 21: Estate Planning

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