3 Gaps every business owner should fill

David Ortiz |


In our latest 2-minute video, we explore the 3 profit gaps every business owner must consider to achieve a successful exit. 📽️👀

1. The Wealth Gap: Understand the difference between your current net worth and what you need to exit successfully. If your goal is a $10 million net worth and you’re at $4 million, we’re talking about a $6 million gap to bridge. Are you prepared to fill it? 💰➡️🌉

2. The Value Gap: Most business owners have 70-80% of their net worth tied into their business. This gap measures your company's current worth against your target exit value. Regular business valuations are key to narrowing this gap. Let's focus on growing your business value beyond just your bank account. 🏢💼

3. The Profit Gap: Understanding your EBITDA and finding strategic maneuver's to increase your EBITDA, will provide immediate and long term benefits. Could increasing your profit or doubling your multiple be the quicker route to your exit success? 💵📈

Exit planning isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about preparing for your next big adventure. With strategic planning, you can shift from wondering if you can afford to leave to planning what you’ll conquer next. 🚀🌟

Dive into our video for a detailed guide on navigating these gaps and positioning yourself for a triumphant exit. Because it's not just about leaving; it’s about moving forward to something even greater. 📊🛤️

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