Social Capital

David Ortiz |


Welcome back! Video 3 of 4 of the "intangible assets" series

Discover why Social Capital is not just an intangible asset but the heart and soul of every thriving company. In our latest 2-minute video, we delve deep into the essence of company culture, brand, and communication style.

πŸ” What is Social Capital?
Learn about the critical role of company culture and how it encompasses the beliefs, communications, and operations within and outside the company. It's the rhythm and culture that make your business unique.

πŸ’‘ The Magic of Strong Company Culture
Hear why a robust company culture is your "magic or secret sauce." It's all about job satisfaction, innovation, and unifying your team under a shared purpose.

🚫 The Impact of Weak Social Capital
Understand the dire consequences of neglecting Social Capital, leading to inefficiency, in-fighting, and a loss of focus on customer service. See why core values are crucial in avoiding a toxic work environment.
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πŸ† The Benefits of Strong Social Capital
Discover the transformative power of clearly defined and lived Core Values. They're not just words but actions that shape your business's soul, making it a magnet for passionate employees and loyal customers.

🎯 Social Capital’s Impact on Company Branding
Explore how a great culture is reflected in your brand, making it resonate with your mission and values. It's about making an impression that goes beyond logos or slogans.

πŸ“² Watch Now and Transform Your Business!
Dive into our video to see how you can build a legacy through Social Capital. It's time to stand out for something more. Let's create a business that works to give!

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